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Glyph for the cacao pod in the Mayan script, pronouned ka-ka-ua or kakaw. Cacao are the seeds of the fruit produced by Theobroma cacao, an evergreen tree of the rainforest believed to be native to the circum-Caribbean (Central America and the northern countries of South America).

Chocolātl or xocolātl, possibly a deformation of the Nahuatl (Aztec) word cacahuatl, drink made from cacao, or from the Mayan words for hot water and chocolate, chakaw haa'.


An ancient high-quality, low-yielding heirloom variety of cacao. Today considered the superior varietal at 5-15% of total cacao production in the world.


Of or relating to chocolate. A pithy British translation by Capt. James Wadsworth of the Spanish word chocolatico used by Antonio Colmenero in his landmark treatise on chocolate and medicine (1631). "...the Chocolaticall Confection is not so cold as the Cacao, nor so hot as the rest of the Ingredients..." (Chocolate, or An Indian Drinke, 1640, 16)

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The Chocolate Farmer

(Rohan Fernando, 2010)

Many cacao farmers today

have never tasted chocolate.

Cacao has traditionally been

prepared and served in vessels.

El Cacao

2015 Documentary by Michelle Aguilar on the challenges facing indigenous cacao farmers.


2020 Chocolate Festivals
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