February 21, 2019

William Hogarth, A Rake's Progress, Plate 6, The Gaming House, or White's Chocolate House, 1733

From fall 2010 to late summer 2011, Jonathan Swift fulfilled a long-standing commission of chocolate for Stella (Esther Johnson) at the request of her companion, Rebecca Ding...

February 14, 2019

Among other woes once the Glorious Revolution ended in a Declaration of Rights that imposed permanent Protestant rule over England and penal law on Ireland, Dubliners had a hard time procuring chocolate. We know this because Jonathan Swift spent many hours of his life i...

February 7, 2019

Pall Mall, St. James's Square and St. James's Street, c. 1833

If the aroma of coffee wafted circa 1650 from St. Michael's Cornhill to Fleet Street, the sites of London's first cafés, it was on the Mall in St. James's that chocolate found its public. Not one but several e...

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