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Utensils 3

The European Chocolate Pot or Chocolatière

"This is the same chocolaty pottes that are mayd in the Indis"

Pot and molinillo (molinet, or dowel for whipping chocolate) depicted by Lady Ann Fanshawe in her family cookbook atop a recipe "to dresse Chocolata," from Madrid, 10 August, 1665

(Wellcome Library)

"American with his chocolate pot and cup"

Chapter image depicting the servingware of New Spain that was imported with chocolate to Europe, in Philippe Dufour'sTraitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolate, 1685

(U of Michigan Library)

"The Outfit of the Coffee-Man"

An allegory of the barista, complete with tools of the trade, notably, a chocolate pot with swirling molinet. Featured in Nicolas de Larmessin's Les costumes grotesques et les métiers, c. 1695

(V&A Museum)

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