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Utensils 1

Mayan Methods

1) Grinding cacao:

Metate, or grinding stone (bottom left-of-center)

Maya, 750–850, Cylinder Vessel with Supernatural Palace Scene and Cacao Tree (rollout photograph), Guatemala, Petén, Motul de San José or vicinity, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

© Museum Associates/LACMA Conservation

Photographed by Yosi Pozeilov

2) Frothing Chocolate:

"The Princeton Vase"

Maya, Late Classic (670–750), 'Codex' style, Nakbé region, Mirador Basin, Petén, Guatemala

Princeton University

3) Servingware:

Drinking Cup for Cacao

Guatemala or Mexico, Maya, 550–700,

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum Acquisition Fund

© Museum Associates/LACMA

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